from an online English dictionary…

Meaning of the word ‘thick’ : not thin.

next, i search for the meaning of ‘Thin’:  Not thick.

hmm, interesting…


At a glance…

Christmas is just 13 days from now.

glad that this year i would be away from work and can spend time with my family.

coming to the end of the year, i reflect upon the year that has passed. deep down inside, i am indeed grateful that it is a year i spent with peace and growth in maturity.

i am thankful for God’s eyes upon me in every situation i’ve been through.

i am thankful for wonderful people i met along the way in my venture in Song and Kapit.

I’m thankful for God’s protection for all the nerve-wrecking experiences when i travelled to places more rural than Song.

i am thankful for my wonderful and lovely parents who are with me through thick and thin.

i am thankful for my good health.

i am thankful for abundance of food every day.

i am thankful for wisdom that God blesses be with everyday in my work.

and above all, i am thankful that Christ is in my life!

Head spinning experience

i used to take patient’s complaint of  giddiness lightly until i experienced it for real last night.

it occured while i was getting up from bed when i was about to get to the living room and watch tv.

the spin was exactly the text-book description kind and it prevent me to walk further.

i got back to my bed, kept my eyes closed and stay still. waiting for it to disappear but it seem stubborn!

30 min passed.feeling slightly better, i decided to continue with what i planned to do-  to watch the Singapore drama that i would not miss on usual days.

unfortunately, just a few steps that i took and i began to feel a gush of gastric content through my throat. man, it occured so fast i practically need to run to the bathroom despite the spin!

thankfully,i was on time. the vomitus did not land on the floor. otherwise to think of clearing the vomitus, i would be having worse spin than this!

after a few purges, i thought it was over.

unfortunately as i made my move, the spin recur with the slightest motion i made.

i had to get to bed even though it was only slightly past 8pm.

i guess through this experience, i will understand patients better when they complaint of giddiness..


Auntie Y’s youngest daughter has just undergone liposuction in Kuching last week. now she was back at home in Kapit, recuperating.

a few days after that, she called me up and began complaining to me: ” i am so worried seeing so big the bruises over the lipo-suction sites. i regretted for allowing her to go for it! she is married already and why should she care whether her thighs are big or not.. her husband just love her as she is..”

having read about lipo-suction when Auntie Y first told me about her daughter’s plan for liposuction, i reassured her that the main complications of this procedure are mainly local infection and risks of aneasthesia. the bruises may look worrying but would not be of too much worry.

she then told me about her daughter is taking T. Augmentin (antiobiotics) as a prophylaxis of infection. and being as helpful and enthusiatic as she always is, while she was getting the medication from the pharmacist in PK Kapit, she told the new pharmacist who she hardly know (who happen to be a bit plump): “u must not go lipo-suction, ok?” and there she goes, started telling her about the bruises story, etc, etc….

that is so very trademark of Auntie Y. she is meant to be helpful, but if i were the pharmacist she talked to, i might wonder if  she is trying to tell me: “look, even though i think you need lipo-suction badly, u must not go for it for there are certain complications”.

nevertheless, she is just being nice and helpful ! :p

The same species, again….

last thursday, there is a teacher who came in to my clinic

” Doctor, can you write me a letter ( note: as usual, these so called EDUCATED people would start the conversation by telling me WHAT TO DO!) to the education department, saying that i am having medical reasons and i should not be transferred to rural school? in fact, i am now working in education department but feel bosan already since i am working there many years. i am planning to apply back to school. the only problem is i worried that once i submit the request, they would post me to ‘ulu-ulu school”.

” what medical problems you have?”

“high blood”

” i am sorry but high blood is not the reason for me to say that you are not fit to be posted to rural school. your medication would be available even in the nearby small clinic”

” but sometimes i feel tired, and i am having this high blood” . again, he stressed to me that he has the damn high blood. ” so i wanna request to be posted to big place. so can you prove to the department that i am not fit to be posted far away?”

” sorry but as far as i am concern, your medical condition is not an indication for you to say that you are not suitable to be posted elsewhere. it is beyond my authority. if you really would like to request for posting in big place, then you should ask for favour from your boss. i cannot help”


even when he first open his mouth to talk to me, i already feeling dislike for him. now that the more nonsense he talked, the more i could feel the anger is builing up!

if u wonder why the post title ” same species again”, well, since i started working in song, this category of profession has never fail to annoy me get on my nerves.

time and again, i tell myself do not be judgmental, but be subjective. but i’m sad to say, the typical ones i have seen thus far would be those who tell me “doktor, saya ada batuk satu-dua hari ini dan rasa lemah, boleh bagi saya M.C. 2 hari?” or ” doktor, bagi saya ubat yang lebih baik. saya baru berubat kelmarin tapi ubat tu tidak bagus”.

oh dear teachers in Song., please prove me wrong and it was just me being bias.. otherwise, i could not imagine how i would perceive them until the day i leave Song for good.

Recent trip back home

went back to Kuch on Fri (4th Dec) after my ENT clinic appointment.

upon reaching home and first met my mom, i asked her in a indulged manner: ‘Ma, u miss me??’

“Of course lar! ” she replied.

i took her response lightly as i hurried to kitchen. can’t wait  for her homecook meal 🙂

and while i was studding myself with the yummy dishes, i started telling her the stories of my ‘Godmas’  in Song ( Madam L) and Kapit (Auntie Y).

i was too engrossed telling her the stories of these great ladies that i did not realised she was feeling ‘slightly’ jealous over my compliments for them.

i guess she must be feeling bad that she could not be with me.

But the reason i told all those was not to make her feel bad or boast of my luck, but i just want to reassure her that God is indeed so great that He never leaves me alone wherever i go. There are wonderful people around me, be it in in Song or in Kapit.

Mom, you must know that you are the best.

no one will ever take ur place in my heart..


since started working in PK Song, i have been poured with abundant blessings by people around me.

one of the greatest person i have met here in Song is Madam L ( who is also my godma now! :p)

she has taught me what it means by sincerity, love and care.

u are the important one that helped me to find my bearings in Song and lessen my feeling of home sickness, Ma..

I appreciate it very much!!